How can a piece of art be successful or valuable.
Name ; #Samida Sargeant
#Australian Artist
Born 1954 
is a copy from original oil painting on canvas. 
This work shows the 
 Implementation of the Capture. Evaluation. Confidence, Obsession,Iimitation,and Emotion. This is what explores the relationship between me as an artist on each of my pieces.
Evaluating with deep emotions of my happiness, sadness, timeframe of past, present and future, Each brush stroke can provide me with a high energy and fires me with the power to measure my capability to produce on the canvas.

Art has been a big part of my life expression ever since I discovered the pleasure of producing my own paintings in 1975. 
The painting is not about getting rich, it's about my ambitions. It captures the experience of my life with wealth of happiness.

The style of my work are semi abstract or modern work, Sometimes I struggle to produce seven elements on my work but at the end I manage to bring these elements together
 line, color, shape, form, value, space, and texture.

I bring years of experience, with a combination of development and my devotion to my work and that's why I believe my work is worth so much. I have graduated with a Masters degree in Fine Art and took part in many solo and group exhibitions. I kept all my original work and it is for sale with the right price.

 My children used to say that to me.  “‘Please go and do some painting as if you are lost without it”’. 
And they are right. As soon as I finished painting it just lifted the tension of my body. It definitely  is a personal manifesto. 

Recently I decided to sell the image of my works to give an opportunity to the community to discover the affection of my work. My work has been hidden away for many years.
I am selling the images of my paintings to the public. The original work belongs to the artist.   and it's on the market for one million five hundred thousand australian dollars.

You can click here to buy the file in Jpeg. Here you can download the file and print it to the size, You can not resale this its only for your own use. its copyright exists on it. You can buy the original and claim the full right of each work, You too can reproduce  and resale the copy as many times as you like once you own the original artwork. 
You can get permission by emailing
I live in Brisbane Qld Australia 
As a artist I like to spend time with painting, Sculpturing, Photographing, 
Thank you for reading about me

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